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                        Transport Ltd. is committed to expanding our position in the transportation industry through:


Excellence of service and development of competitive service packages which recognize the changing needs of our customers.


Safe, high quality, reliable service, including utilization of the latest technology.


Profitable growth in stable and expanding markets.


Recognition of the integral role of employees and provision of a fulfilling environment for their contribution.


Achieving the financial objectives of our stakeholders and associates, thereby ensuring sustainable growth for our Company, Clients, Partners and our Employees.

To be the leading provider of Specialized Logistics and Transport Services in Trinidad and Tobago, in the eyes of clients, stakeholders, employees and community.



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Incorporated in 1999, Eagles Transport Ltd. is a limited liability privately owned company with a solid financial record. Over the years Eagles has earned a reputation for reliability and outstanding service to its customers.


Eagles Transport Ltd. has established itself as one of the leading Transport companies in Trinidad and Tobago and is recognized by its competitors as a leader in the Haulage Industry.

Company Profile

                       Transport Ltd. is a Full Service Transportation provider specializing in the Management, Logistics and Movement of Cargo.


Our consistent quality service is achieved by analyzing internal and external customer needs and developing comprehensive service plans tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.


Our staff comprise of a team of over thirty (30) qualified, dedicated personnel, committed to meeting client needs and achieving organizational success.

We are a customer-centric organization committed to growing our existing customer base and building long term customer loyalty. This has been achieved over the years by exceeding our customers’ expectations. We provide meaningful services and solutions relative to our customers’ needs.

Our business philosophy involves building long-term win-win partnerships with customers by offering them cost effective solutions to their specific transport requirements. We have on hand experienced and well trained drivers. In keeping with this business philosophy our fleet is currently maintained at over 21 Tractor Units and 150 Trailers to ensure that service levels and customer care are maintained in line with the Company’s quality standards.

To ensure that our fleet is well maintained Eagles Transport Limited operate a modern and well equipped heavy vehicle workshop.


Emphasis is placed on preventative maintenance, driven by the fact that the majority of the operations involve the transportation of time or temperature critical commodities where a breakdown en route can cause adverse cost and time implications.


Additionally, our staff attends overseas training workshops in order to stay abreast of the latest technological developments in the transport industry world-wide.

Our Management and Employees are totally committed to conducting business in a manner that is compliant with all applicable OSHA laws, regulations and industry standards.


Our HSE commitments include:


Striving for a healthy environment and accident-free workplace.


Maintaining a state of preparedness for responding to accidents and emergencies.


Assisting employees in maintaining their health and safety at work.


Recognizing the potential impact of our operations on the environment and ensuring that each employee practices every operational task with HSE awareness in mind.

Customer Care

Our Fleet

Garage Services

HSE Policy

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